CHAM Clean Product



Summary of Cham Clean Chemicals


Scale to remove Chemical Model No. Application Use Temp (0C) Mix with Water (%) Remark
Hardened Oil Scale ST-100L

Heat Exchanger for lubricating oil & fuel oil Cleaning by chemical circulation

60~80 25~50  
Sea Water, Mud Scale ST-407

Slime, Mud, Scales on Heat Exchanger made of Titanium, Stainless steel (used sea water or plain water). Shell & tube type Heat Exchanger. Air Cooler, Plate Heat Exchanger.

40~50 +/- 15 No effect on Titanium and Rubber Gasket
Rust Scale RR-101A Rust on steel, Steel alloy, alumunium, Cooper, Cooper alloy complex metal. Scalea on fin tube type Heat Exchanger, Rust Bolt, Air Cooler scale, Cooling Tower Fan Blade. 30~50 30~100 No effect on metal such as Alumunium
Rust and Oil Scale ST-302R Simultaneous cleaning of Rust, Oxidized scale, Carbon, Organic scale, grease on steel, steel alloy, Alumunium, Cooper alloy. 30~80 30~100 No effect on metal such as Alumunium
Remove scale type of Silica MSR-100 Complex scales contain Silica (SiO2/SiO4) Cooper alloy, carbon steel, Alloyed steel, Stainless Steel (dipping and/or Spraying) Remove scale of water pipe, Scale from condenser, Boiler & Plate HE. 30~50 +/- 30 Not allow to use on Alumunium & Titanium


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