CEO / Business Policy

PT. INE JAYA is an exclusive distributor of Repairing Chemical entitled CHAM Clean (Korean made) for Indonesia and Southern East Asian countries.

CHAM Clean is a Repair Chemical in liquid form to remove Lubricating Oil, Grease, Rust and various contaminants completely and adhered on every metals (Iron, Iron Alloy, Aluminum, Titanium, Cooper Alloy, Carbon Steel).

The difference with existing Acid base chemical, CHAM Clean is that able to clean in three ways by Dipping, Circulation and Spray for any structure and shape of machineries without disassembling the equipment and also perfectly cleaning even complicated parts.

CHAM Clean, an Eco Friendly product has advantages like No surface damage of equipments, Recycling use, No Danger of Fire, Harmless to Human, Simple storage keeping, getting results as a Brand New equipment after cleaning and Easy/Economical cost for waste water treatment.

Mainly applied(cleaning) field is various Heat Exchanger(Plate, Shell & Fin tube types), Cooling Drum, Air Cooler, AHU, Cooling Tower, Chiller, Water Purification Plant, Zinc plated Evaporation Condenser pipe, APH glass tube repair(Oil Refinery), Tanker Ship & All kinds of Pipe scale.

We appreciate all of you who can develop together for advanced technology and customer satisfaction as well as keeping the environment clean and eco friendly.

Business Policy

    • Innovative improvement in Safety & Environment
      -Replace existing chemicals with safe and eco-friendly solution
    • Improvement of productivity
      -Provide excellent chemical and best solution for higher productivity
    • Improvement of product quality
      -Enable the customer to produce competitive product and superior to existing product quality
    • Maximization of customer's benefits-Create customers profits and values through improvement of environment process and quality
    • Best partner in Innovation of process & Technology      

                   -Remain as best partner to cooperate for advanced process and innovation technology


Line of Business

                  PT. INE JAYA enganged in trading and supplying chemical items for cleaning dirt (scale, which may hamper the operational systems of the machines).

Application of our products :

1.  Marine Industry

2.  Petrochemical Plants

3.  Steel Mills

4.  Power Plants

5.  Engine Parts (Body, Cylinder Head & Piston, Radiator)

6.  Food Industry

7.  Process Water Equipment

8.  Oil Cooling Equipment

9.  Sugar Industry

10. Paper Industry

11. Oil & Gas Company

12. Cooling Tower, Chiller at Office Building, Hotel, Shopping Mall, General Hospital, etc.